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How to Hire a Painting Contractor

Remember the last time you did yourself a paint job inside your house? Painting is more difficult than it looks. So, it is with great pleasure that many DIY painters decide that it is now time to hire a painting contractor to take on the job.
Professional painters can guarantee a quicker, higher-quality and accurate paint job than you could do yourself. They know the best and fastest ways to prepare walls before painting for a better result. Painting pros have more knowledge than homeowners about how various paints work and how durable they are.

Check references and past work

Work with a professional painting contractor who is licensed and insured. Ask how long the company has been in business and if its painters are employees or subcontractors.

Ask for a guarantee

Find out if the company provides a warranty on its work and for how long.

Obtain a complete contract

Request a quote that includes all labor and materials – including the type of paint that will be used. Costs vary by the size of the project, and the amount of detail and fine-finish work to be done. Ceiling and wall heights that need special equipment are among the factors that go into pricing a painting project.

Many painters visit the site for a free consultation to talk about the scope of the project, and estimate the cost and amount of time it will take.
Before starting the work, you should obtain a detailed written contract. Read it over carefully to make sure it’s clear what surfaces are to be painted, how long the project will take and how the contractor will be paid.

Before work begins, remove wall hangings and accessories from the work area. Painters will help move larger items and take care of covering furnishings and masking areas with tape.


When the painting is done, the crew should clean rooms of debris and dust, and move furniture back into place.


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