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Popcorn Ceiling – Everything you need to know

Popcorn ceiling popularity exploded beginning in the late 1950s, because they made easy work of finishing ceilings and hiding imperfections.

But the truth is they’re difficult to repair, hard to clean, , tends to hold on to dust and makes a space seem smaller and less appealing..

Very few things date a space like a popcorn ceiling, it went out of style years ago, but many older homes and some new ones still have them.

Taking down a textured ceiling its a messy job that requires hard work and special safety precautions.


Two potential problems can turn removing a textured ceiling into a nightmare:


Asbestos: Acoustic texture manufactured before 1980 may contain asbestos and need to be tested before being removed. Removing a ceiling containing asbestos can stir up the fibers and cause them to become trapped in your lungs. If you live in an older home, purchase a home test for lead paint, and consult with an expert about testing for asbestos. If it tests positive, do not scrape it. If the material is found to contain over 1% asbestos by law you can not remove it yourself and will need to contact a professional asbestos removal company or leave the ceiling as is. *If you are not familiar with asbestos, it is a substance that has been known to cause cancer.


Painted Ceiling: Another problem that can make removing a popcorn ceiling much more difficult is if paint has been applied over the texture. This would prevent the texture from absorbing water, which is necessary to loosen the material. A painted textured ceiling can be removed, but it requires the application of a chemical stripper to breakdown the paint barrier. To determine if either of these conditions applies to your ceiling, lightly spray a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap with warm water in a small spot and wait a few minutes. If the water will not soak in, the ceiling has been painted. Otherwise, the texture should come off easily.



So how hard is it to get rid of the popcorn ceiling? Fortunately, there are several ways to take back your ceiling, one of which is sure to fit your needs and your goals for your home.


The biggest concern among homeowners when it comes to removing popcorn ceilings is how much it will cost. Removing popcorn ceilings does not have to be a huge expense.


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