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What is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting is a process of using a magnetic field to apply paint to metals and some types of plastics. The attraction is created by giving the object to be painted a negative charge and the paint a positive charge, resulting in a durable, smooth, hard paint finish.

In electrostatic painting, the item to be painted receives a negative charge from a electrode that looks similar to a battery cable. Just before the fog of paint leaves the nozzle, it is given a positive charge. The positive and negative charges attract the paint like a magnet, to the metal surface.

The paint seeks grounded objects and “wraps” around the object being painted. This occurs because the attraction between the opposing charges is so strong that the charge will draw the paint around the object, completely covering the surface.


Advantages of electrostatic painting: very efficient, cost-effective and clean method of painting. It creates a strong bond, providing a smooth and uniform finish and covers three dimensional objects more evenly. Another advantage is that electrostatic painting saves paint by using less paint than a regular sprayer and there is no overspray or spattering.


Disadvantages: material to be sprayed must be conductive or made conductive for proper bonding. The equipment utilized is delicate and bulky, and improper usage can be a safety or fire hazard.








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